Toronto, ON, Canada

About Me

Hey, hi, hello! I’m Char. Welcome to WAVYSKY.CA.

In the eleven years since my journey started, the practice of yoga and meditation has laid a foundation that allows access to the lifelong process of emotional healing—not just for myself, but also for my students as they access healing for themselves in class—and by extension, the larger communities we are involved in.

Our bodies hold and store our deepest memories, feelings, and traumas, both acknowledged and unacknowledged. I use the practice as a healing modality for myself and others. Individually and collectively healing from trauma and abuse, intergenerational trauma, and working to untangle and transcend the oppressive structures of colonialism and patriarchy. Together, we can unite breath, body, and mind to heal ourselves and each other in the sanctity of shared space and community.



(meditation, yoga, sound healing, tarot.)

Stuff I like sharing with others: the joy and freedom of meditation, of savouring the life-giving miracle of breath. The simple enjoyment of movement, interspersed with stillness and held shapes. Feeling good in your body.

That ‘a-ha’ moment when you begin to link the mind, the body, and the breath in a way that gives you a deeper, richer experience of your vast inner world.

tl; dr: Things I facilitate for your healing and enjoyment? Meditation and yoga. Sound healing. (I also love doing tarot readings).

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At the heart of my teachings lies the importance of establishing and developing deep listening and awareness of the breath. Breath is life. It is the fundamental ground through which we access a meditative state, regardless of whether we are moving or staying still.

Iam Yoga Teacher Training, 250 hours (2016)
Art of Stillness with Chrys Muszka & Lana Sugarman (2017)
Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with David Emerson & Aaron Moore (2018)
Vipassana 10-day silent meditation retreat (2018)